Thursday, August 25, 2011

My first (of many) obligatory back to school posts.

Tomorrow I begin packing more or less every possession I have into my tiny car and Saturday morning I hit the road and begin the hour drive towards school.

The word 'exhaustion' is now exhausted from my vocabulary.

My brother is still not taking it to well and my Mom is just kind of dealing in her own way I suppose, she hasn't really said much to me about the whole thing. It's kind of sad especially since my brothers have football the day I move in and she can't help me move in but I gotta be an adult and do it myself.

I feel like I could puke.

I think that's all I have to say tonight, words are failing me due to stress and too much going on in my head. I hope you all have a great and significantly less stressful weekend than I'm about to, but I say bring it to allof the stress.


  1. Thank you! And welcome to my blog, I hope it's entertaining.

  2. You'll do fine at college. I have faith in you. Also loving the new background, so colorful!


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