Monday, August 1, 2011

The World Through a Bibliophile's Eyes

Today I was out with a friend of mine trying to beat this 100+ degree heat, our methods included gorging ourselves on delicious and copious amounts of frozen yogurt and driving in his air conditioned car to a hot spot around our part of town. We ventured all around to our usual favorite shops and as usual I dragged the poor guy to Barnes & Noble because people with addictions usually can’t be stopped. We started browsing through the genres and reading various blurbs in the YA section and it kind of hit me that the fantasy/sci-fi section is getting kind of ridiculous these days.(Though I have to admit that the rest of the YA section is pretty awesome.) At least to a point. I don’t have much room to argue this because I do enjoy a good sci-fi/fantasy novel now and then like anyone else and I’m a Harry Potter and The Hunger Games fan so the point that I’m trying to get at is nearly moot. I sought out feedback on this issue through Twitter at the time but no one felt like talking about books I guess.

As we moved along we hit the reference aisle and though I wasn’t really looking for something, because that’s not how I shop for books I happened to fall into the Writer’s reference aisle and I came across a series of books that are either going to make me seem really nerdy or dumb for even mentioning them but if I cared why would I be sharing? * The amount of books in that section is ridiculous and in a totally good way, because I couldn’t help myself I bought The Constant Art of Being a Writer: The Life, Art and Business of Fiction because it just seems to fit the place that I’m in now. I am very well aware that most of my writing lately has been shitty and it scares me that my writing skills may have peaked in high school. Wouldn’t that suck? Can you imagine a girl that is related to Mark Twain (in the faintest way) can’t write anymore but it’s pretty much the ONLY thing she wants to do in life, besides a day job?! Oh the madness!!

I’ve been thinking about picking up writing short stories or poetry again just to stretch my writing muscles but my writing prompts just turn into tangents about my own life. Which I only do here, I’ll only carry that over when I’m writing my autobiography. As for now I need to find the words to draw out my stress and ultimately clear me from this perpetual writer’s block that I’ve been in for the past few months. It’s beginning to get ridiculous.

What kind of books do you like to read/wish to write one day if you’re the type? Also how do you get out of a writers block??

*I tend to go on random tangents now and then, hints the name of my blog.



  1. I totally know how you feel about the YA fantasy/sci-fi section. It feels like whenever I go into Barnes and Noble YA section, all I see is that genre. It's gotten to the point where they even have a "Teen Paranormal Romance" section in there now. It's ridiculous, not because it's so popular now, but it feels like all the books are the same: poorly written, with a relationship exactly like Twilight but with different character names.

    Ah, I'm rambling. Sorry, I just thought I was the only one who noticed. Honestly, I'll read anything as long as it's written well. I hate generic, overly predictable books. Eat, Pray Love is one of my favorites, if that gives any idea :) And when I write, I usually listen to some good music to get me out of writers block. Coldplay always seems to help :P

    God, this is long. Sorry! :P

  2. I've totally been in a writer's block for the past few months now, too! It sucks!! Last night I tried to write a new post for my blog, but it just so much that after I published it, I immediately had to take it down. If the books help you to come out of your block, let me know, PLEASE.

  3. What hot spots around KC were you and your friend going? I love the sci-fi section, there is so much to be read there! I generally like horror/suspense or nerdy adventure books. But I'll read anything. And as for writing, I usually like to write adventure stories, just because my mind goes in crazy directions.

    You should post some of your stuff on here!

  4. I'd really like to read some of your ficiton. Maybe if you posted some here the feedback would be helpful in guiding you past your writer's block?!? Just a thought.

  5. I'm going to go dig out my writing portfolio soon and start putting it on here for you guys, thank you :)


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