Saturday, September 26, 2009

I love my friends!

Today was one of the funnest nights of my life! No joke. I started it off with a nice shower, made myself look cute and all that jazz then my best friend and I went to the Fall Festival after 30 minutes of dinking around town and getting Starbucks (yummm!) I haven't had my chai tea fix in quite some time. I know it's expensive but I had some money to spend and was craving it so I got one. While waiting for my tea and my friend to come out of the bathroom a really cute barista there commented on my shirt. I blushed a little when he did. With drinks in tow we headed towards the Fall Festival ,excitement and caffiene flowing through our veins we reached the Fall Festival and didn't really do a lot there except for look at the boutiques and set up tents with all of their art and crafts and other goodies inside. After all of our fun was spent there we headed to Target.

After the visit to Target we headed back to my house to get ready for the night,she was heading to church and I to a cast party with an ex. After a series of a couple wrong turns on my part we finally got to the right house and started our mingling off rather slowly but within the first hour or so some of my old friends and I started to catch up and have fun. I told them about my recent news and accidentally became "Debbie Downer" but only for about a minute or two. I also signed some papers so that I can finally get my paycheck once I finish my next scene (where I "kill" someone). All in all I would have to say that tonight has been a great day and night. A few awkward moments that were quickly erased by beer and sheer not really caring.

I love my friends! They make everything good.

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