Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Letting a lot out...

So in order to take my mind off things (cancer and the fun that that will have in store for me :/ ) I have decided to pre-occupy my mind with other things that might possibly bring more happiness and positive energy my way. Those things are as listed.

Jeremy- Is there anything that can't be said about this knight in shining (silk) armor? He has been there for me since day 1 and we hadn't really known each other that long, which is a GREAT thing! A very rare and great thing. When I'm with him I feel as if nothing is wrong with me...the pain disappears for awhile and the fear of the future subsides. I feel very lucky and blessed to have him in my life at this point in time. As much as I would have prefered our second week of being together one of me not being drugged out in a hospital bed but he was there,holding my hand and supporting me with many others and that I have never really known or felt.

Family and Friends- Where to start? Family. They are always there for you no matter what,the good the bad, the ugly they are always going to be there for you and as sad as it is sometimes it takes a disaster to bring them all closer but the closeness of family is something that I think we all want and need from our loved ones. Of course theres always friends-the people in your lives that didn't make it into your blood line because God saw them better fit as your cheerleaders and rocks and anything else you needed them for. My friends, past and present have always had a way of straying off for a bit then returning back one day and visa versa and yet the day we returned to each other the conversations seemed as though they had never ended and a day had never passed. For that I love my friends more and more every day and would do anything for them no matter what.

Music- An art form that expresses the emotions that we can't find the words for ourselves. It's always there,always has been and always will be there for us all. Good times or bad it has helped this world and its people get through the worst times and make the best times even better. I'm embracing my love for it and keeping myself surrounded with any kind I can get my hands on...except for the genres that I'm not particularly fond of. No matter,but since the invention of the Ipod I will be keeping mine fully charged at all times! I need any and everything positive and endorphine inducing that I can get. (As I write this sentence one of my favorite songs shuffles on-Ain't Nothing Wrong With That-Robert Randolph and the Family Band). If I could get up and dance my ass off right now I would but as soon as my staples are out I will be rocking out and dancing around my room like an idiot as much as possible! :)

Glee!- I know that it is just a silly TV show but after the first episode I don't want to stop believing....especially in the fact that I will fight this and won't let it get me down, not without a fight!

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