Sunday, October 25, 2009

The best lasanga in the world andsome boring old football.

Family sitting around watching a football game where the team they are all hopeful for will undoubtedly lose by at least 10 points. A hard working older woman working her tail off in the kitchen making pounds of delicious smelling food and louder then even necessary kids running around the house messing the cleanliness that they walked into. This is my life this week and mainly today. My stomach is groaning at the smells coming from the kitchen. I'm SO ready for this lasagna! My facebook and twitter's status bars are letting the world know that I will be a "Fatty McFat Fat after the lasanga is all said and done with. :)" More family is coming and my laptops battery is dying. Sad face. More later. After the lasanga goodness and the family has cleared out.

Well I ate 3 huge pieces of lasanga that was brilliant! Took a nap, went to the movies with a friend and saw Couples Retreat, which is a great movie, I recommend it! We also watched a movie on my friends ipod in her car until our movie started. hehehehe it was so fun!

Now on a more serious note tonight my friend and I were listening to music in her car and a few songs about LOVE came on and I got to thinking about it and how much I kind of do miss being held and loved and hugged and kissed and all that other lovey dovey things that people that have a significant other do. I know that right now with my current situation that keeping someone around is near impossible but hey it's worth a try at this point. I know that I'm reaching for the stars right now but it's better than reaching for the sun and getting burned.
My second week/round of chemo starts next week. I hope things aren't as bad as they were the last round. I don't want to be sicker then I already am. Thankfully, this time I have a book that I am re-reading that will keep me entertained during chemo. That and my ipod. :)

Well folks I think that is all for tonight, time to choke down a potassium pill and wait a while then go to bed.
Night and best wishes to all!


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