Sunday, October 25, 2009

Music makes me think some crazy thoughts...

Ok so I know that I'm going to sound like I'm off my rocker when I say this but I think that a man that I have never met, have no clue when and if in this lifetime if I will ever meet him but I think he has more than half of my heart in his hands. I blame John Mayer and Kate Nash for this sudden burst of lunacy but this issue woke me out of half sleep. I needed to get these words out of my head, otherwise I might have gone crazy with the thought of them and how nutty they sounded.
So about the guy: We have known each other for about two years, our relationship has been 99.9% textual. We have "seen" each other a few times on webcameras but never actually met in real life. I hope to one of these days though. We have this bond that I have yet to have with anyone else in this world. We talk almost every day, or we used to then I lost the use of my phone and now I can't talk to him everyday. Sadface. I know that there are little things that he shares with me that make me feel special because I'd like to think that I'm the only one he shares them with though I know I'm not and I have accepted that. But the situation is reveresed for me. I have told him things that I have only told him and maybe one or two other people besides him. I don't know, maybe it's my fascination (I'm weird I know this ) with deaf people and people that are different in general but yet still the same. I don't know but this madness needs to end. I either need to meet him sometime in the near future and see if these feelings are still there or what. Orrrrr I just need to move on. Again.

This madness was brought to you by my ipod and the fact that whenever I listen to it when I'm lonely it plays lovey dovey songs that turn me all emo and shit...ugh...I need some new music selections I think..... =/

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