Monday, November 30, 2009

Pray for what you want,work for what you need.-Fortune cookie

It's another late night and I am yet again blogging. :) Granted this is when I do my best writing but I didn't sleep that well while I was at my dads but that's okay. Plus I'm also talking to someone that makes this time something that I'm not really caring about at the moment.

So this weekend I went to my dads house in Kansas and had alot of fun! We did alot of cooking and baking of fudge and cookies and other goodies. I also got some much needed R&R, it was great!

For Thanksgiving we feasted on smoked (fresh from the smoker) turkey,mashed potatoes,green bean casserole,stuffing and cherry and pumpkin pie. Oh man, now I'm drooling. It was that good, probably because my dad is an amazing cook. I hope I have his talents..

I have one more week of chemo left! I'm so damn ready to be over this, I want to get on with my life and work on getting my independence back. I have a set a priorities I just have to hope that everything keeps working out the way it has been lately. I'll go from there.

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