Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anxious and Excited :) and its snowing! :D

Oh my god! Things are getting soo much closer to happening and I can't wait! I can almost taste all the great things that are on the horizon! Tomorrow is my date with Alex and holy crap am I excited! Maybe a little too much? Oh well..I almost think that I should just sleep all day today because I know that I won't get much sleep tonight at all. I get like this when good things are happening, except I think that I get a little more anxious and excited then some people do. Which is fine because I'm the one that suffers the consequences in the end and right now I think the only suffering that I will be enduring is my last week of chemo...waiting for it to end,hoping that the IV stays good and that I can use my arm while it's in.

I'm trying to decide whether or not to publish this now or to gush after the date...I'll publish tomorrow :)
Warning: Reading beyond this point things may not make much sense..the blinders are on as I write and I'm brimming with joy and excitement :)

Sunday- Oh man where to start? Tonight was date night with Alex and to be quite honest at first I thought that I might be getting stood up then my gut spoke up and said otherwise,knowing what it knows I listened. Like any other first date it started off a little awkward and I blabbered on about a bunch of pointless stories just to try and make some conversation and to lighten the mood. We got to the Plaza and headed to my "heaven" and had some fun getting lost in the store and figuring out the sections and just enjoying ourselves. (note to self: Urban Outfitters is an amazing store! Shop there when you can! :)). Next we headed to Westport Coffeehouse and had some AMAZING chai tea and got to know each other more,it was great! :) He's so cool and refreshingly different than anyone else that I have liked and that in itself is reason enough to make me smile,well that and he gives great hugs!

All in all I would have to say that tonight was a great start to the next week that I'm going to have to endure...which I will do with flying colors! Though I kind of am mad at myself for not just grabbing his hand at the Plaza or something..damn and the Beatles comes on just as I start to write this too..crazy! *The Beatles- I Wanna Hold Your Hand*

I have butterflies! :D

Oh! Before I forget (not likely) the first actual snow of the year was the end to our date. Oh my goodness whoever doesn't see the romance of that must not have a pulse, or just a black heart and has never experienced anything great in their lives..poor them..

Alrighty I think that that is enough for now...chemo this week! YAY I'm almost done, I can taste it!

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