Friday, December 4, 2009

I love Food!

I love food,and Food Network especially since I have been sick I have been thinking up ideas as well getting other ideas from the chefs on Food Network. I don't know if you would call me a "foodie"necessarily but when I make things I like to pay attention to not only the taste and hoping that it tastes good but the creative side in me likes to have a good presentation . I love how they do it on TV so of course I would want mine to look as inviting as theirs is. And I know I know "But your just gonna eat it why put all the effort into it to make it look pretty?" My answer-"Because I can!" I am woman hear me roar! I'm not a twig and I'm not a bigger girl and I have no problem with people that are but I can eat! I enjoy a good steak every now and then and a good salad as well but I also think that walking around a grocery store is fun. I'm a loser/weirdo whatever I don't care.

I hope that I get my dad's cooking talent, because every time I'm at his house and he's cooking (which happens alot) I am right there by his side watching him add the ingredients and making something delicious. My little brother has become quite the little chef as well and I'm a little jealous he gets to see my dad all the time and watch him cook and help him cook and all that jazz,but I love my life here and I'm happy with all of the experiences that I've had, lots of learning experiences.

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