Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An end to the crappy year, hopefully 2010 is a great one!

Tomorrow is new years! This crappy year is finally going to come to an end and hopefully the year 2010 will hopefully bring good things for us all. I am already starting to have some good things happen and I am so excited for the future, for the most part. The rest of it just scares the hell out of me, as it should. But "the past is only the future with the lights on."-Plus 44

Lucky for me I get to bring in the new year with Alex and a much anticipated first kiss is happening as midnight. We are both tickled pink about it :) I have to say this feeling of falling is kind of nice. I haven't felt it in so long that it almost scares me to death but I suppose that's all normal. I'm slowly learning that just going with the flow is better than trying to "control" things especially since you can't cont 95% of the things that go on in your life.

....that's all for now, more tomorrow or so.. :D HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!

Ok so I fibbed and didn't update on new years like I had planned, ovbiously because here it is January 11 and I'm just now updating..sorry.

So far the new year is going okay, it has had its moments where life was grand then it also had its totally crappy moments but every day is a new day! I have faith that things will get better and the pieces will fall into place, it just will take time, patience and some effort.This year WILL be a good year!

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