Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tell me something I don't know... :)

I'm bored, and having cabin fever sucks! The only time I've gotten out of the house this week was for a shot,a doctors appointment and that's all. I have to go to the pharmacy to get a refill of nausea meds so that I will survive my last week of chemo (!).
I'm having some mixed feelings about my last week of chemo though. Especially since I found out that I have to have a PICC Line in (an everlasting IV more or less) and I have to have it in for a week or two... :( then after chemo is done with I get to get a week of shots again and then a final dose of one last drug. Then after that I believe that I will be finally done!! That means I can do things again, like uhm kissing, and being all mushy and stuff if I get those chances :D.

I'm so over being bald already I miss my hair and the way that I look with it. My outfits look odd and yeah I'm just over it, being bald for almost three months is enough for me...the good thing is that the guy I am talking to doesn't really care that I'm bald and my hair IS growing back so that's good. Maybe the weekend after I get done with chemo we will go out and celebrate, that would be cool :)

I hope that this week and weekend go by slightly slow..I know that in my last blog I said I wanted the pace to pick up a little but now I'd like it to just slide by like molasses in January. Then the week of chemo and the week after that to go really fast, especially since I really really want to meet the guy that has been keeping a smile on my face for the past 3 days. :D

That's all for now..


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