Monday, December 28, 2009

the New Year and a healthy dose of inspiration.

I have been procrastinating writing for so long, I just haven't found the words. Until now. I have finally found the dose of inspiration that I have been waiting for for weeks now. I finally got a chance to see the movie 'Julie & Julia' and I'm stuck on italics for the moment because I have no idea what I did other then use the shortcut and now it seems to be stuck :(. But I digress, the movie was amazing! Being both somewhat of a writer and a closet foodie I decided that tonight I may as well write about something. Because you my readers deserve at least that much, whoever you are.

I guess it would be nice if I updated everyone on my chemo treatments and all that is going on with my cancer. Well last week I finished officually with chemo (I hope!) and later this week I go for a blood test and will go see my doctor after the new year.

Speaking of the new year I will be entering it with a new lease on life and an amazing person by my side. My excitement for the future is still intact and my hope that 2010 will be one of the best years of my life is very much there. I have finally been able to let most of the past go this year, there are those things that I have been through that I can't erase from my mind or body that will forever haunt me but I will try to ignore that. On a side note, I found the Italics key. So to all of those reading, I'm sorry but I'm not changing everything I have written ^^ to normal where it's supposed to be, it is 3:25am here and as much as I want to appear as professional as I can on this I really don't feel like it at this moment in time. Sorry.

Back to Julie & Julia, Iloved it! I felt inspired to write and finally get all the things that have been on my mind out of my head and onto a place where I know no one will care what is really said. It also inspired me to want to cook, and learn to cook more then the simple things that I already do know. I want to make masterpieces that are so deliciously beautiful that it would simply kill you to put a fork to,but at the same time would also kill you not to eat it!

There isn't too much else that I think I want or need to say tonight, other than I'm happy to be back and hopefully I'll be writing more in the coming days!

P.S My hair is starting to grow back and I think that I'm falling in love with someone very special and that I am ecstatic came into my life when he did. He's so amazing. :D

P.P.S "You can never have enough butter."-Julia Child


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