Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let the countdown begin!!

I have noticed something since I have been in remission and that is that I have been letting myself go! Not so much mentally as much as physically, ever since my surgery that was way back when in August of '09. After my surgery and during my chemotherapy my weight has fluxuated like a freaking bouncy ball. And so my mission to halt the weight rollercoaster I'm going to start exercising more and getting my body back into the shape that it was meant to be! Yes, I will admit that this new mission is partially due to pressure from the media and a little from the people around me. To motivate myself more, my 21st birthday is in about a month! I have big plans for that night even though it is a Sunday :/ but I do plan on having as much fun that night as I can and I plan on looking as great as I can from that day on. My goal for my birthday is to fit into a really cute outfit and to fell great about myself and of course to celebrate the next chapter of my life and the fact that I have made it this far.


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