Monday, June 20, 2011

What's the deal?

So today  has been eventful, for lack of a better word. This morning while helping my mom clean the house on both of our days off my mom asked me to dry a stack of pots and pans for her and while I was told that the biggest skillet that we own that was washed first was still hotter than fire. I cleaned the first four and right around the time I was finishing up the last one because it didn't feel warm to me on the outside. Boy was I wrong I no sooner swung it around to clean the bottom and hit my wrist and ohhh my gosh the pain! I've been burnt before, I work at a pizza store, I get burnt by oil and a pan now and then but this, this pain was so much worse.

I look like I took a curling iron to my wrist. I'm so emo!!! HAHAHA not.

Then I tried to eat some slightly frozen gummy fish because they were almost turned into jelly in my car. Yeah that's not advisable either especially if you have a temporary crown on like I did/do. I'm going to the dentist later this week but I may have to just go tomorrow before work.

I'm such a klutz it's not even funny guys.

Attempt number two at a decent blog tonight: accomplished.



  1. I worked at Applebee's long enough to have severely damaged my fingerprints. Which is good for when I need to commit a crime.

  2. I definitely feel you on being a klutz. I'm honestly so clumsy at work that I get blamed for stuff breaking when I'm not even there. That's sad.

  3. LOL Andrew, I'm getting that way too. But I'm full of burn marks and scars and stuff. It's terrible.

  4. OH NO!! I've had those days before :( It sounds mega awful and I hope your trip to the dentist goes okay and that your burn heals quickly. Burns are the worst type of injuries. Because a bandaid never helps, and it's always there..just aching. And the only thing you can do is put it under water! And so you have to stand there by the sink forever and you have to just put down whatever you were doing…and it's just annoying!

  5. Oh No! Burns are the worst, they can be so painful, No Fun!!

    And it's so not funny, but I have a burn mark that's slowly healing, on the same spot and it's also from a freakin' frying pan!! Hah, How alike are we?!

    Hope it starts to feel better soon!

  6. I'm kind of impressed that the pot stayed hot enough for so long to produce a burn like that! My burns usually come from pizza roll cooking, and usually after a couple drinks. There may be a correlation...

  7. I dry the pots and pans fast lol, that IS impressive indeed Woody.

  8. am i the only one here who doesn't frequently get burned? cool. but am i usually the first one to eat some suspicious looking food like what you did.


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