Monday, June 6, 2011

Level 21: completed!

Today I had a routine oncologist appointment and other than waiting on a blood test that pretty much covers it all and not knowing  those results yet I'm healthy!

After all that I have been through over these past 21-now 22 years I think that today is cause for some major celebration, a birthday, a clean bill of health, a new laptop later on this week and a bright future in store. To say that my life has been crazy (for lack of a better word) is an understatement.

  • born with a heart defect, that I almost didn't survive after birth.
  • 5 open heart surgeries up until the age of 14.
  • a stroke
  • and about a year ago, cancer which I beat!

I know that there are other people in this world that have stories much worse than mine and that have their lives a lot worse than mine. I keep them in my prayers always I also realize how narcissitic this post may sound, but I'm really trying to not make it be. But a year ago I wasn't sure if I would even make it to 21 let alone 22 so this is a celebatory post of sorts. So this post was necessary and so was this. I don't think that this post went as I had planned in my head last night but that's what I get for not having my laptop yet and not having any wifi.

Hope everyone is having a great day! Those promised posts will be up soon.



  1. Hey lady, that is REALLY exciting. Being alive is certainly something to celebrate. And 22 was a good year for me. I hope it's great for you, too. From one walking medical malady (and cancer survivor) to another, I wish you good health! And happy birthday! Make someone build you a cake.

  2. Girl, you are amazing. Truly.

    Celebrate intensely! Cake and wine and more cake!!

  3. Wow, I had no idea. Being alive everyday must seem like a miracle to you. Really makes me feel like I take my life for granted.
    Happy birthday girly! And many more =)

  4. I'm just a new follower of yours but good to know that you are healthy now! (:

  5. You really ARE AMAZING!! :) I hope you had a Happy Happy Birthday!!
    Cheers to celebrating many more birthdays together! :)


  6. Reading stuff like this really makes me realize how blessed I am. Life isn't easy, but it can always be worse. And you always seem to be in such a great mood when we talk on Facebook & Twitter. Rock on!


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